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first_imgProviding new XRD-based procedures for quantifying mineral abundances in poorly crystalline assemblages “Researchers also have access to new analysis facilities, such as the Australian Synchrotron and ANSTO ‘s OPAL research reactor, which have provided new, more powerful x-ray and neutron beam techniques for probing the chemistry and mineralogy of ores.“It is the integration of recent advances, along with state-of-the art equipment and a strong understanding of mineral processing, that allows CSIRO to solve complex processing issues, optimise material performance and add value to industries in Australia and throughout the world. This will lead to a more efficient and sustainable minerals industry. Developing specialist software for analysing element distributions measured by electron microscopy Designing in situ sample environments capable of characterising changes in mineralogy during processing. Demand for minerals is growing globally but the availability of high-quality ore deposits is in decline. Many of the ore deposits being found today have inherently complex mineralisation where, for example, the target element is present in low abundance, is associated with a fine-grained multi-phase assemblage or occurs in sub-micron particles. This complexity can dramatically reduce processing efficiency and recoveries or, at worst, make processing completely unviable. Understanding the chemical, mineralogical and textural characteristics of an ore can help engineers adjust or even change processing method to suit the ore’s properties. Consequently, ore characterisation is an important first step in precision process design.These comments come from Mark Pownceby, CSIRO Principal Research Scientist, Materials Characterisation Research. He goes on to note that there is a need “to continue improving and developing characterisation techniques and technologies.“Ore properties are traditionally determined using techniques such as x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction (XRD), and optical and electron microscopy. These characterisation techniques need to continuously evolve to meet the technological challenges presented by complex ores.“CSIRO is addressing these challenges in a number of ways such as:last_img read more

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