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Raise a glass to winery architectureJust as a picture is worth a thousand words, the architecture of a winery speaks wonders to consumer behaviour. Goodman School of Business professor Maxim Voronov explains how the physical arrangements of the winery create a loyal consumer base in The Globe and Mail.First day back to work for Canadian Hearing Society workersCBC sits down with Labour Studies professor Larry Savage to discuss how public sector workers are finding new ways to fight back when rights are taken away.How an Ontario father turned grief over son’s suicide into conversations on youth mental healthWhen Brock University lost Paul Hansell, a first-year student, to suicide in 2010, his father Brian set out to change the way youth approach mental health by creating the Paul Hansell Foundation. The Globe and Mail profiles the Hansell family and how the foundation has transformed since its inception.The way we talk about opioid addiction hasn’t really changedA photo of a pigeon’s nest made of discarded drug needles has made international news, sparking a conversation in Macleans on opioid use, citing professor Dan Malleck’s research on drugs and Canada’s drug laws. read more

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