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Rabat – A low pressure system will sweep into Morocco Friday night through Saturday, generating westerly winds that will bring cold, moist air from the Atlantic, the National Directorate of Meteorology said on Thursday.According to the same source, moderate rainfall will affect the north, center and east of the kingdom from Friday until Monday.The regions of the Middle Atlas and the north of the High Atlas and the neighboring plains will have severe thunderstorms, while significant snow will fall over the High and Middle Atlas, the Rif and the highlands of eastern Morocco, the same source said in a statement. This precipitation will be accompanied by moderate to strong winds, and temperatures will drop significantly, particularly in the interior regions of the country and the Atlas mountains. Rough seas are expected on the Atlantic coast and Mediterranean with waves reaching as high as 4 to 5 meters, according to the same source.The situation will start to improve on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. Citizens are urged to be “vigilant” in the face of this new wave of cold air.Edited by Elisabeth Myers read more

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