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Photos courtesy of Belva Hall WWll veteran John Fry asked for something specific for his 101st birthday: 101 birthday cards. Caring individuals and groups rallied and exceeded the request, gifting Fry with over 1,000 birthday cards throughout the past days.One such card was hand delivered by Lewis Hall from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #2379 and his wife Belva, the senior vice for the Post #2379 Auxiliary. The task of creating and delivering a personalized card was spearheaded by Lewis and supported by many members of the community and beyond.Beginning at a Utah Staples store, Lewis and Belva had a card created by store staff, who then took a chance to sign the card. Members from Post #2379 and the Auxiliary signed the card while members of the 11th Ward in Price also gave their John Hancock.Lewis and Belva, who reside in Price, then made the trek to Payson to visit Fry at the Central Utah Veterans Home. There, they hand delivered the card to the WWll veteran, thanking him for his service and wishing him a happy birthday. read more

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