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first_imgIf you ask a person from Kerala about their favorite hobbies or free time activity, the chances of a reply from the majority of the people will be politics and liquor. There is nothing wrong with this except for the fact that sometimes both these hinder the normal way of life in the state.There was a time when Kerala was reeling under the onslaught of political rivalries and hartals, bandhs, etc. which was a common tactic used by parties to settle scores against each other. The state used to be closed a few days in every week due to these hartals. Today things have changed and could be because the Left is ruling the state and the opposition Congress is not so energized to carry out social strikes which will require them to come out of the comforts of their home or office.One interesting aspect of these strikes is that nothing moves or opens in the state and usually these are considered as paid holidays by the working class. They, in turn, take this opportunity to be with friends and the major aspect of these get-togethers is drinking. Someone once mentioned that for Keralites everything starts and ends with drinking and there is no occasion whether it is good or bad, happy or sad, the state goes into the hands of the liquor. When the Congress government put a prohibition during their last term in the office, many predicted that it be the end of the party in the next election. Of course, it did happen that way even though there are many other reasons for the people to get rid of the party from power.In the last couple of months due to the Covid-19 lockdown imposed by the government, all liquor shops and sales of alcohol were banned and there is no doubt, Kerala is one of the places that was looking forward to the removal of the ban eagerly. When finally, it happened due to the tremendous rush in front of the outlets without any social distancing or safety norms in place, the government was forced to shut the outlets immediately. As we all know the major revenue for the states comes from two sources and they are petrol and alcohol. Especially for a state like Kerala where there are hardly any industries that provide income to the government, the dependency on these two factors is very high for their day-to-day operations.For the year 2018 -19, Kerala had recorded revenue of Rs 14,505 crore from the sale of the liquor which is an increase of 10% from the previous year. In short, Keralites are now drinking more and do note that the sale of liquor is only allowed from government-run beverage outlets and star hotels in the state. At present, the state beverage corporation runs 306 outlets and supplies alcohol to around 600 plus hotels in the state. In short, alcohol is running freely in the state more than any other essential household items. The total sales during last year were around 2.17 crore cases of liquor and 1.21 crore cases of beer (each case is 12 bottles of 750ml) that too for a population of just around 3.5 crore.The last two days witnessed a change in the topic of discussions in television channels from Covid and politics to liquor and its politics. It was amazing to see experts discuss the problems faced by the public due to the non-availability of alcohol and the government’s inability to fulfill the promise of delivering the same to houses. The troubled functioning of the new start-up app by the beverage corporation named “BevQ” is the topic of the talk shows in the news channels which shows the importance of liquor in Kerala.It is a sad situation wherein the rising cases of the coronavirus was overshadowed by the nonperformance of a liquor supply app. Kerala is considered to be the most literate state in the country with 100% literacy for its population. But sometimes it is not enough for a Malayalee to be happy, they need their daily quota of alcohol irrespective of one is educated or not, rich or poor, birth, marriage or death, Kerala needs it alcohol to complete the occasion.It was Narayana Guru who said “Liquor is poison, make it not, sell it not and drink it not” but then he never realized a Keralite has the habit of not listening to anyone even if it is a religious scholar or a saint. Kerala’s culture is unique in many ways, most are in good ways but their affinity towards the “somras” – the drink of Gods – goes well with Kerala’s tagline for tourism “Gods Own Country” where somras flows freely.last_img read more

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