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first_imgRidden hard and put away dirty. I’m probably not alone in describing my road bike, which sees near-daily commuting use, in this way. With a commute that includes potholed streets, glass-strewn shoulders, and thorn-infested dirt, tires are the most abused part on a generally abused bicycle. For the past few years, I’ve been happy to rely on Michelin’s Krylion Carbon tires to get me to work and (more importantly) home. Hit ‘more’ to learn more about the puncture-resistant tires’ ins and outs…Not nearly as inexpensive as some commuter-oriented tires, the Krylion Carbons provide what I consider to be an excellent balance of ride, grip, and durability. A dual color (if not compound) tread sits atop a bead-to-bead breaker layer, itself riding on an “extra supple” 127tpi casing. When new, the Krylions do an excellent job at keeping glass and thorns from reaching the tube. They’re not completely puncture proof, but when paired with a Stan’s-filled inner tube, I tend to experience four or fewer flats per year (and a handful of slow leaks) over hundreds of rides and thousands of miles.Mounted on a wide (23mm) HED Ardennes rim, the somewhat stiff casing seems happiest with 85psi in the front tire and 90psi in the rear- and can be nursed home with as little as 50psi in the rear. In wet weather, the Krylion Carbons are the best puncture-resistant tire that I’ve ridden, providing grip that reliably exceeds my nerve. Even with the tread cracked and torn after a couple of thousand miles, the Michelins continue to fight the good fight (though grip ultimately suffers).  At 235g (claimed- 35g more than the Pro3 Race), they’re more than light enough for the racer who can’t see separate training and racing tires.Though not inexpensive at $64 apiece, the Krylion Carbons are an excellent commuting low-worry training tire. My two sets have exceeded my performance expectations and earned my trust while keeping flat-related stops to a minimum. Recommended without hesitation.marcwww.michelinbicycletire.comlast_img read more

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