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first_imgIt’s hard to imagine that anyone could possibly hate Netflix. After all, the movie delivery and streaming service is one of the most beloved companies on the Internet, a darling of the technorati for the service’s ability to pump legal video through the cloud for the price of a small monthly fee. Who could hate that?Privacy activists, that’s who. A lot of them. In fact, Netflix has recently become the subject of five separate lawsuits in the last two months alone, all of which put under scrutiny Netflix’s privacy policies. The lawsuits allege, in fact, that Netflix holds onto customer data like rental habits and credit card numbers indefinitely, instead of purging them from their system when a user cancels his membership.The latest lawsuit, filed last Friday, says that Netflix is guilty of “collecting, storing and maintaining for an indefinite period of time, the video rental histories of every customer that has ever rented a DVD from Netflix.”Meanwhile, another Netflix lawsuit calls the DVD delivery company “Big Brother” in what is a hysterically hyperbolic misuse of an Orwellian analogy. That lawsuit claims that the company makes a habit of “trampling” on the privacy rights of its customers.Curiously, all of the lawsuits have been filed in the same Northern California district court… namely, the same one where Sony has been suing the pants off of Geohot for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3. If you’ve been following that case, you’ll know that this court has a tendency of frivolously ordering for companies to open their records up to plaintiffs, so this is no coincidence.Netflix hasn’t commented on the lawsuits. If Netflix is holding onto credit card information after a customer has unsubscribed, that does certainly seem to be shady, but holding onto customers’ rental histories anonymously is how Netflix’s recommendation algorithm works! These guys are calling for the gimping of one of Netflix’s best features in the name of a hyperbolic sense of privacy that simply doesn’t exist. Boo to that, I say.Read more at CNetlast_img read more

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