Ubisoft Düsseldorf showed the “new” Prince of Persia »Vortex

first_imgTen long years have passed since the launch of the last full-fledged part of the Prince of Persia series in May this year. And while we really wanted Ubisoft to finally announce the sequel, we didn’t see it during the last Ubisoft Forward presentation, so the only actively developed project under this brand remains Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time. If you haven’t heard of the game yet, we need to ease your enthusiasm at the outset – we announced the title in mid-February, when it was announced by Ubisoft Düsseldorf. That is, the one that, unlike other branches of the famous French company, focuses exclusively on experiences for virtual reality, which are not sold to end customers, but are licensed for the needs of VR casinos or department stores and their VR corners.Source: Ubisoft DüsseldorfAs the headline of the report reveals, the novelty is four pictures that appeared on the social accounts of the mentioned Ubisoft branch without much interest from fans. “We are proud to have a look at the first images from the upcoming VR escape game Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time,” say the developers. It offers a look at four locations, designed in the expected style of the world, designed by Jordan Mechner more than thirty years ago, including two unspecified characters. Z scenery únikovky it is obvious at first glance that this is not an AAA matter, which is not so important for the experience in virtual reality and the developers place much more emphasis on the cooperation of players and the overall atmosphere. Due to the way in which the famous model is based, according to the previous information, they process it in the most honest way and also include a famous artifact in the puzzles, which can manipulate time. On the other hand, based on the statement of executive producer Cyril Voiron, we are concerned about the complexity of the game, when in a February interview he indicated that players will have to press the right button at the right time at the right time.You can also smell a handful of comments that accompany the publication of screenshots on Twitter. Players (don’t) thank them for the information, express their interest in a full-fledged sequel, and some even mark the twitter accounts of other affiliates to get the information higher. Ubisoft seems to be stubbornly ignoring the brand, and at the moment there is no indication that it is working on the traditional version of Prince. However, if you still want to try The Dagger of Time, you will have to go to the Prague casino TorchVR, even if you have considered the possibility of playing The Dagger of Time or some other virtual escape game in the Ostrava casino Escape VR. The site already links to the trampoline center, and even if we can’t confirm the information about the closure of the game room at this time, it is likely that you will not actually find it at the original address.last_img

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