Parish puts on a show at Mountain Shadow

first_imgPSC Golf from the Tropical Golf SocietyTuesday, Jan. 27, Mt. Shadow – StablefordThe last Tuesday of the month is the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month and we usually get a good turn out as indeed we did on this day, with a full list and sadly a few waiting.   After a quick book in a we were soon on the first tee and the day looked good, no high winds and no rain in sight, so off we went.Playing off the blue tees, I expected a day of low scoring, and that is generally what happened, however there must be something in the water as two of the players in my four-ball were playing out of their skins.  It might have been due to the good fairways, but probably due to the slower than normal greens as the ball kept slipping into the hole.  Of course, mine did not but it was still a pleasure to watch the others. Derek Brook (right) presents The MBMG Golfer of the Month prize to Torsten Bischof.Back at Bert’s it was soon times for the results.  Let me start with the B Flight, 21 up, and here the scores were very average to say the least.  The winner with 33 points was Torsten Bischoff ahead of Paolo De Grandis in second with 32.  In third place was Daryl Evans on 31 points, one ahead of Kurt Ebentheuer in fourth.In the A Flight, 0 to 20, the winner was Brian Parish with 44 points, a great round, with Richard Kubicki coming second with 40.  Then in third we had Mashi Kaneta with a good round of 38 points ahead of Dick Warberg in fourth with 35.So to the result of the MBMG Group Golfer of the month and with his win in the B Flight, Torsten Bischof won the award for the first time.  Well done Torsten!Near Pins:  Richard Kubicki (2), Paul Sharples, Brian ParishLong Putts:  Richard Kubicki, Keichi KasamiFriday, Jan. 30, Plutaluang N&W – StablefordA Flight1st Ken Hole (17) 36pts2nd Brian Parish (15) 35pts3rd Mashi Kaneta (14) 35ptsB Flight1st Joel Flor (24) 36pts2nd Carole Kubicki (22) 35pts3rd Dick Warberg (19) 33ptsNear Pins: Max Scott (2), Colm Mullen, Richard KubickiWith the venerable “Navy” course on the schedule for the day, a bit of apprehension was in the air as the group gathered at BJ’s for breakfast and transport arrangements.  As we never request particular nines at this course there is always the question of whether we will be assigned the more difficult and challenging “North and West” or the relatively more user friendly “South and East” nines.  In addition, based on recent reports, there seems to have been a bit of a problem with slow rounds due to the numbers of players on the course, plus the possibility of a lack of qualified caddies.Arriving at the course, it was obvious that it would probably be a slow round as the parking areas were jam packed and as far as caddies were concerned, well not many in uniform were available at the bag drop.  However, check-in was swift and we were soon at, you guessed it, North 1, and the starter actually got us on the course 15 minutes early.The course condition was good on this day with the fairways cut reasonably well and the greens running at a decent speed.  The pace of play was not too bad and, in our lead four-ball, was probably more hindered by the lack of trained/experienced caddies than any other reason.  Nonetheless, we made it around in about 4½ hours, so not all that bad.Round over, scorecards collected and tallied, it was obvious that the group played the “difficult North and West” pretty well.  Back at BJ’s, with a beverage in hand, the results were announced and congratulations went to Ken and Joel for playing to their handicaps to win their respective flights.last_img

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