JD back to winning ways

first_imgWith the small group finishing in good order, even with a brief and light rain shower, cards collected and it was back to BJ’s for a bit of late lunch and the always refreshing thirst quenchers while awaiting the day’s results, which took quite a tiebreaker to sort out the top 3.With 32 points and coming out on top was John Davies (c/h 11) over Derek Brook (29) in second and Don Carmody (29) in third.  John Pierrel (12) carding 30 points completed the podium as the rest applauded and cheered.Friday, Oct. 26, Treasure Hill – StablefordAnother fine Friday morning in Pattaya, and the Tropical golfers gathered at BJ’s Holiday Lodge hoping to play well at the always challenging Treasure Hill.This course offers a great green fee, caddie fee, and cart rate that enticed almost everyone to make the trip today. The caddies must love this all-in rate as they rarely need to drag a pull cart around the course. I’m sure they would be as disappointed as the golfers if this promotion is discontinued.Mashi Kaneta (left) with Dave Cooper.The recent rains left the course a little soggy, so drives tended to stop near where they landed, denying the players the benefit of much roll. However, ‘lift clean and place’ through the green gave the golfers a little advantage. The greens were slow, and uphill putts required a pretty good rap.No player was able to play to their handicap today. The first place winner was Mashi Kaneta with 34 points, playing off a course handicap of 16. Second place went to Dave Cooper (27) with 33 points. Daryl Evans (25) and Don Carmody (29), claimed third and fourth place, both finishing with 32 points. John Davis (right) receives congrats from Micki.PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group Wednesday, Oct. 24, Bangpra – StablefordA return to Bangpra, the Monkey Course, too soon for some, way too long for others.  The last time we visited was in July completing a 3 round eclectic event at the course.Generally always in good condition and with the recent daily showers, a well-presented course was expected and found.  No lift, clean and place this day but making this decision from only the fact that carts are/are not allowed on fairways sometimes catches you.  The greens were found in very good condition, not lightening fast but a reasonable speed and running true. On top of that, catching one of the few remaining “Sports Day” rates before high season was a bonus.last_img

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