Granger fools the nation yet again?

first_imgIn every society, the reality of decision-making sometimes falls short of the democratic ideal; Guyana is no exception. However, part of the solution lies in the preservation of a sound, democratic, constitutional framework and full adherence to the rule of law.But such things do not come easy to politicians who are cultivated in a system that has little grounding in democracy. Over the last 60 years, a group of the advantaged, middle-class (mainly Georgetown based) men walks around with the perception that they alone have the authority to rule.  Let me be clear, this phenomenon happened on all sides of the political spectrum (no side is innocent). However, the PPP has always self-corrected themselves.  The PNC, on the other hand, for all intent and purpose seems welded to the Sophia declaration and its anti-democratic mission with mantras such as “the State is but an arm of the Party”.In this miasma of poor leadership, every now and then, the people get tired of this sort of caste oppression and rise up behind a leader.  I want to refer to three occasions where such a political development occurred.  Firstly, in 1980 before his execution, the people from all groups were prepared to galvanise behind Walter Rodney in the rejection of a Government that was not working for them.  This phenomenon happened again in 1992 when the people rallied behind Cheddi Jagan.  Again in 2011, the people rallied behind the AFC with its youths. The masses are not asses; they know what they are doing.Today, after some four years of misrule by this group of “lumpen” bourgeoisie class of advantaged individuals, the people are ready to give them the sack.  But the people are being denied their chance to exercise their franchise at the ballot box because this group of mainly septuagenarians and octogenarians who dominate this PNC-led coalition operate as if they have the power to take this nation back to 1976 to force the Sophia Declaration upon them where the State was treated as an arm of the Party.One only has to observe the statements from Mr David Granger and you shall see this common trend that connects the dots to this march toward 1976. Mr Granger is not stupid, he clearly understands the English language and, therefore, to observe him misread and misinterpret the spirit and intent of the Constitution, especially around Article 106 and Article 161, exposes dangerous characteristics. But Guyanese people are not fools, they are fully aware this is all part of a tactic to confuse and disempower the masses.  So expect more untruths and contrived gibberish, as the Granger cabal exposes their devotion to unilateralism and dictatorial rule but none of it will fool the people.But as I said above, this is not 1976.  Social media has facilitated the full exposure of the crooks. More citizens, especially young people, are volunteering to work for democratic improvements, rather than allow this nation to revert back to the dictatorship that it suffered between 1968 and 1992.   In spite of all the successes at opposing and exposing the caretaker regime since December 21, 2018, a more coordinated effort needs to be launched by all freedom-loving forces on two fronts in particular.  One, active non-cooperation with the caretaker regime by all Guyanese. Protecting this democracy is the business of “all Guyanese”, and is not the exclusive preview of any one group or political party.Secondly, Guyanese, especially those in the diaspora must lobby their political leaders in their jurisdiction to apply urgent economic sanctions on the Granger cabal.  This 1-2 knockout punch worked for Guyana in 1992 and it will work again.  Only this time, it will be more effectively since it has a new tool in the box to supplement past best practice – social media activism.The fact remains that GECOM needs a Chairman before an elections can be held.  But every day Mr Granger’s words become more unreliable.  In his last public statement, he said “it is clear that elections have to be held at the shortest possible time and it is crucial to appoint a GECOM Chairman” and then he slid into the “BUT” and reveals his true intent. He even teases the Guyanese people by promising that “this can be done as early as Monday”.  But by now, most Guyanese see through his subterfuge and deception.  Let us ask ourselves these questions and the answer will expose the deceptive tactics of Mr Granger:1.     Who is responsible for appointing the GECOM Chairman from a list submitted by Mr Jagdeo?  Mr Granger2.     Who has been rejecting the names Mr Jagdeo has been submitting for the position of GECOM Chairman on several occasions?  Mr Granger3.     Who is stalling on the appointment of the GECOM Chairman?  Mr Granger4.     Who is stalling on calling the elections?  Mr GrangerLet us understand this chain of facts clearly as we deconstruct how Mr Granger continues to attempt to fool the nation.  But as the evidence reveals, he is failing at his task.  The facts will reveal that he is in no position to play with the people’s intelligence.  As I said before, this is not 1976!last_img

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