Weakening institutions of the State

first_imgDear Editor,I refer to an article captioned “Local Government Commission (LGC) will be given some consideration – Granger”, which appeared in sections of the media. The article stated, “Granger told reporters at State House, when asked about the establishment of the commission, that he was abroad for about a fortnight, resulting in this and other matters being held up.”For the record, the PPP submitted its nominations to the LGC since July 2016, and Granger being out of the country for two weeks has very little to do with the delay in setting up this Commission. If Mr Granger cannot count, July 2016 was 66 weeks ago, and his being away for two weeks was nothing but a puerile excuse.Some might want to say that Granger is absolutely incompetent and not in control of his Government. I myself was caught in that cul-de-sac for a while, until I realised that this incompetence may really be a mask for a plan to march dictatorship back into the corridors of power in Guyana. These deliberate presidential actions that mirror incompetence are really schemes grounded in subterfuge and deception to weaken the institutions of the State, such as the LGC.To deny a nation its LGC because you got a sound thrashing at the local polls exhibits evilness of a special order. This is the punishment to the people for voting against Granger in the local polls.Regards,Albert Allenlast_img

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