Justice Wolokollie Urges Women to Keep “Integrity”

first_imgOne of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Cllr Jamesetta Wolokollie is urging women across the country to help maintain integrity in the face of many challenges they encounter in achieving their objectives.“We understand the many challenges but we need to be able to maintain integrity by paying back our micro-loans to give us integrity and opportunity to get another micro loan. We must keep and maintain our honesty at all times to enable others to benefit from these micro-loans.”According to her, “If women want to live in peace and also want to develop society, they cannot sit and depend on men to do everything but also make a contribution to the process. Everyone has a God-given gift as a potential for moving forward and so women have that potential in them.”Justice Wolokollie said many of the things that happened in Liberia were due to low participation of women in development and decision making in Liberia, including the governance of the country.Madam Wolokollie explained that taking the loans and not paying back would discourage lenders and hamper those who repay their loans from having access to more loans, which many women are using to educate their children and provide other needs in their homes.She disclosed the genesis of her upbringing which was filled with many difficulties and challenges in school but gave God the glory and said the issues of making decisions and planning to become someone in society must be prioritized over those challenges.Justice Wolokollie also encouraged women who are involved in using microfinanceto use it in the best possible ways to educate their children and provide opportunities that promote better living conditions.She made the remarks over the weekend when she served as the chief launcher of the Actions for Community Matters (ACOMA) in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.The founder and CEO of ACOMA, Mrs. Emily Guegbeh Peal, said ACOMA is intended to positively impact and promote poor and marginalized communities with a holistic approach to the creation of wealth to enhance the development of Liberia.Mrs. Peal explained that ACOMA is also involved in promoting peace in strong and resilient communities, adding that the women are the key to the development of these communities and their growth.Highlighting ACOMA initiatives, Mrs. Peal said the organization is concerned with several programs, including micro credits, education health, peace and environment initiatives and security, which are all vital to the development of Liberia.She acknowledged that the Ebola virus has devastated the country, denying parents from going to work and even preventing some of the organization’s women from fully engaging in their regular businesses.She disclosed that ACOMA will undertake membership campaigns and fundraising that will go toward educating the children of its members.“I have worked diligently over the years to create such programs, which include micro credits, adult literacy, scholarships for needy students and support for the disabled in our country.”Mr. Dew T. Mayson expressed gratitude to ACOMA for the level of support it continues to provide for women and community and urged the women to focus on maintaining the small businesses which, he said, often give rise to bigger ventures.According to him, microfinance is an important component of the development of Liberia and women must be given the opportunity as it serves as a gateway to bigger businesses.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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