Spencer wrestling team third in pool at Wisconsin Dells Duals Classic

first_imgBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterWISCONSIN DELLS — The Spencer wrestling team finished 3-2 to take third place in Pool C on Saturday at the 2014 Dells Duals Classic at Chula Vista Resort.Spencer defeated Portage 42-21, Cumberland 40-35, and Wisconsin Dells 37-26 and lost to New Richmond 46-18 and Lomira 45-29.New Richmond was 5-0 to win the pool with Lomira second at 4-1.Spencer returns to action Thursday with a Cloverbelt Conference dual meet at Neillsville against Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of MarshfieldAreaSports.com.)Spencer 42, Portage 21182 – Hunter Luepke (Spencer) over Ethan Emmerich (Portage) Fall 1:07195 – Tyler Voda (Spencer) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit220 – Double Forfeit285 – Double Forfeit106 – Dominick Wichlacz (Spencer) over Cole Suckow (Portage) Fall 2:51113 – Bryce Shaw (Spencer) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit120 – Double Forfeit126 – Kyle McTier (Portage) over Caden Schillinger (Spencer) Fall 1:03132 – Dylan Casey (Portage) over Austin Post (Spencer) Fall 4:45138 – Mitchell Golke (Portage) over Tim Bauer (Spencer) Dec 7-3145 – Daniel Wilke (Spencer) over Cohl Routson (Portage) Fall 2:31152 – Nathan Neumann (Spencer) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit160 – Jacob Poches (Portage) over Hunter Hildebrandt (Spencer) Fall 3:04170 – Zach Schneider (Spencer) over Pierson White (Portage) Fall 1:33Spencer 40, Cumberland 35195 – Tyler Voda (Spencer) over Kole Adams (Cumberland) Fall 5:49220 – Ben Stone (Cumberland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit285 – Jon Paffel (Cumberland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit106 – Dominick Wichlacz (Spencer) over Cody Paul (Cumberland) Maj 9-0113 – Bryce Shaw (Spencer) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit120 – Lucas Graf (Cumberland) over Caden Schillinger (Spencer) TF 15-0126 – Mathew Spry (Cumberland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit132 – Austin Post (Spencer) over Drew Rihn (Cumberland) Dec 8-3138 – Tim Bauer (Spencer) over Dale Griffith (Cumberland) Maj 16-8145 – Daniel Wilke (Spencer) over Max Patraw (Cumberland) Fall 4:28152 – Trey Lundequam (Cumberland) over Nathan Neumann (Spencer) Fall 3:53160 – Trystin Adams (Cumberland) over Hunter Hildebrandt (Spencer) Fall 1:14170 – Zach Schneider (Spencer) over Tyrell Hoisington (Cumberland) Fall 3:25182 – Hunter Luepke (Spencer) over Joseph Mlejnek (Cumberland) TF 17-1New Richmond 46, Spencer 18220 – Kevin Kern (New Richmond) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit285 – Gage Manske (New Richmond) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit106 – Dominick Wichlacz (Spencer) over Zack Mundth (New Richmond) Fall 1:39113 – Double Forfeit120 – Dylan Wachter (New Richmond) over Bryce Shaw (Spencer) Dec 13-7126 – Nathan Fehlen (New Richmond) over Caden Schillinger (Spencer) Dec 9-2132 – Bryce Younger (New Richmond) over Austin Post (Spencer) Fall 3:59138 – Seth Leavens (New Richmond) over Tim Bauer (Spencer) Maj 12-3145 – Austin Anderson (New Richmond) over Daniel Wilke (Spencer) Dec 12-8152 – Derek Dowd (New Richmond) over Nathan Neumann (Spencer) Fall 3:49160 – Hunter Hildebrandt (Spencer) over Roman Ficociello (New Richmond) Fall 4:24170 – John Keifer (New Richmond) over Zach Schneider (Spencer) Dec 6-1182 – Hunter Luepke (Spencer) over Luke Luger (New Richmond) Fall 1:47195 – Alex Schmidt (New Richmond) over Tyler Voda (Spencer) Fall 2:00Spencer 37, Wisconsin Dells 26285 – Double Forfeit106 – Tyler Braun (Wisconsin Dells) over Dominick Wichlacz (Spencer) SV-1 6-4113 – Alex Morzy (Wisconsin Dells) over Bryce Shaw (Spencer) Dec 6-4120 – Caden Schillinger (Spencer) over Alex Cuahuey (Wisconsin Dells) Maj 10-1126 – Justin Fuller (Wisconsin Dells) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit132 – Austin Post (Spencer) over Hans Obois (Wisconsin Dells) Fall 3:18138 – Tim Bauer (Spencer) over Austin Furman (Wisconsin Dells) Fall 1:16145 – Daniel Wilke (Spencer) over Mason Weber (Wisconsin Dells) Maj 15-4152 – Willie Vandenlangenberg (Wisconsin Dells) over Nathan Neumann (Spencer) Maj 14-1160 – Travis Hudack (Wisconsin Dells) over Hunter Hildebrandt (Spencer) Maj 15-6170 – Zach Schneider (Spencer) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit182 – Tyler Voda (Spencer) over Taylor Jarzynski (Wisconsin Dells) Fall 1:09195 – Hunter Luepke (Spencer) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit220 – Luis Garcia (Wisconsin Dells) over Unknown (Unattached) ForfeitLomira 45, Spencer 29106 – Tyler Garriety (Lomira) over Dominick Wichlacz (Spencer) Fall 1:59113 – Bryce Shaw (Spencer) over Mason Neuman (Lomira) Maj 18-7120 – Caden Schillinger (Spencer) over Jack Coulter (Lomira) Maj 15-2126 – Ryan Riedel (Lomira) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit132 – Chase Parr (Lomira) over Austin Post (Spencer) Fall 0:56138 – Erik Danner (Lomira) over Tim Bauer (Spencer) Fall 3:14145 – Daniel Wilke (Spencer) over Andy Flatt (Lomira) Dec 6-3152 – Mitch Garriety (Lomira) over Nathan Neumann (Spencer) Fall 1:44160 – Hunter Hildebrandt (Spencer) over Jackson Ringle (Lomira) Fall 1:37170 – Jordan Michael (Lomira) over Zach Schneider (Spencer) SV-1 4-2182 – Tyler Voda (Spencer) over Sage Pastorius (Lomira) Fall 0:40195 – Hunter Luepke (Spencer) over Collin Feucht (Lomira) Fall 2:35220 – Harley Walter (Lomira) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit285 – Adam Kinyon (Lomira) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeitlast_img

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