Machine learning for large-scale SEM accounts

first_imgMachine learning for large-scale SEM accountsYou are here: Related postsLytics now integrates with Google Marketing Platform to enable customer data-informed campaigns14th December 2019The California Consumer Privacy Act goes live in a few short weeks — Are you ready?14th December 2019ML 2019121313th December 2019Global email benchmark report finds email isn’t dead – it’s essential13th December 20192019 benchmark report: brand vs. non-brand traffic in Google Shopping12th December 2019Keep your LinkedIn advertising strategy focused in 202012th December 2019 Posted on 6th July 2016Digital Marketing FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share HomeDigital MarketingMachine learning for large-scale SEM accounts A key challenge when working on what we could term “large-scale” PPC accounts is efficiency. There will always be more that you could do if given an unlimited amount of time to build out and optimize an AdWords campaign; therefore, the trick is managing priorities and being efficient with your time.In this post, I will talk about how concepts from machine learning could potentially be applied to help with the efficiency part. I’ll use keyword categorization as an example.To paraphrase Steve Jobs, a computer is like “a bicycle for the mind.” The generally understood meaning of this statement is that, in the same way a bike can increase the efficiency of human-powered locomotion, computers can increase human mental productivity and output.With the existentialism out of the way, let’s get to something tangible — We’ll explore here how relevant/valuable it could be to try and automate the process of placing new key phrases into an existing campaign.What do we mean by machine learning?As a definition of sorts that ties into our objectives, let’s consider the following to be true:Machine learning is a method used to devise models/algorithms that allow prediction. These models allow users to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results by learning from historical relationships and trends in data.The benefit of “reliable, repeatable decisions” is the exact value that we’re interested in achieving in this case.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]From our sponsors: Machine learning for large-scale SEM accountslast_img

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