Look years younger with a hair makeover

first_imgMeet four women with hair troubles ranging from damage and frizz to unflattering colours and ageing cuts. These new hairstyles trim years from their face-and yes, are a lot cheaper and faster than a facelift!Savita Mehta46, Senior Communications ExecutiveAlthough Savita believes in exercising and eating right to keep her skin and hair glowing, she has always had very flat and thin hair. Frequent client meetings also require her to style her hair on a regular basis. As a result, her hair has been thinning over the years. To tackle this, she had been sporting side bangs and medium-length hair for a long time. However, according to renowned hair and make-up expert Ambika Pillai, her uneven cut had only been making her look older. She suggested that Savita cut her hair very short for a smarter look and to give greater emphasis to her chiselled faceStep 1: CuttingAmbika felt Savita’s shoulder-length hair was neither here nor there. She chopped at least six inches off to make way for a short crop. Since Savita had flat hair, completely lacking in volume, the short hair cut almost immediately gave her the much-needed lift, bringing about volume instantly.Step 2: StylingTo tackle a widening forehead, Ambika has given Savita a frontal fringe that also helps hide her forehead lines. Since Savita has a hectic schedule, it is not easy for her to style her hair on a regular basis. Keeping this in mind, Ambika gave her a simple blow dry.Ambika Pillai SalonSince Savita’s job requires her to meet a lot of people and involves frequent travelling, it was important to give her a maintenance-free look that would also be smart. This short crop look suits her face as it gives her hair and face a much-needed lift. The volume of her hair adds more sharpness to her thin and narrow face and softens the area around the jawline which is beginning to show signs of sagging.MAINTENANCE TIPS:1. All she needs to do is to dry her hair upside down after a shower to ensure that voluminous look.2. Use a volume-boosting shampoo and a bit of serum to keep her hair free flowing.    Sonia Sahni37, TeacherSonia believes in maintaining herself and likes experimenting with her looks. However, after managing home and work, she is not able to look after herself as much as she would have liked to. Result: a tired and boring hairstyle, premature greying and thinning hair. Nikhil Sharma, creative director, Affinity Salons, New Delhi, suggested adding a dash of colour in the form of highlights paired with a flirty and layered hairstyle will make sure Sonia feels like she’s in her 20s again. This style, he feels, would also take attention away from the faint lines that are beginning to make an appearance on her forehead.Step 1: ColouringSince Sonia has light black hair with streaks of grey here and there, colourist Richard Payso suggested giving her soft blonde highlights to ensure complete coverage alongside a fashionable look. The softer shade of blonde complements her complexion taking attention away from her forehead lines.advertisementStep 2: CuttingWhile her shoulder-length hair did not require too much of a scissor act, Nikhil added a few layers to make her highlights stand out and also give her hair the much-needed bounce. Plenty of layering made for a wavy look giving her face a lift while highlighting her sharper features.Affinity SalonNEW DELHIThe blonde highlights add brightness and create anillusion of more depth, which is crucial for Sonia’s limp and thinning hair. Adding layers gave her face an instant lift. Bonus: going shorter made her fine hair look denser.MAINTENANCE TIPS:1. She needs to keep maintaining this length with more and more layers added to her tresses to ensure a voluminous look.2. She should also use a colour-guarding volume-boosting shampoo and a hydrating conditioneron a regular basis to keep her hair from getting rough and dry.Neena Berry49, Senior Marketing ExecutiveNeena has always found it difficult to maintain her curly, frizzy hair, which is made worse with all the travelling that her job entails. And despite her best blow-drying efforts, her hair curls up in a mound of unmanageable ‘voluminous mess’. Her one-length style, which isn’t properly cut to enhance her curls, is partly to blame, as is over-exposure to straightening and colouring efforts. Mona Anand, style director of b:blunt, New Delhi, suggested inner layering to reduce both frizz and volume and make her hair more manageable. Now Neena looks trendier, smarter and younger too!Step 1: CuttingAlthough Neena was keen on getting her tresses coloured, Mona suggested she stay away to reduce further damage. Instead, she suggested a peppier cut. Mona gave her internal layers to reduce Neena’s voluminous mop. She left the outer tresses slightly longer so that they sat better over the inner cropped mane.Step 2: StylingMona suggested that the real trick with Neena’s hair lay in styling and combing it right. Blow-drying was out to prevent further damage. Instead, she applied a bit of mousse to the hair to make it stay in place and combed it sideways. She dabbed a bit of serum to enhance those lovely curls.b:bluntNEW DELHIadvertisementAlthough Neena has nice curly hair, the one-length cut she had been sporting was adding lots of unnecessary volume. The ruffled look was taking the focus away from her otherwise sharp features. I have trimmed her length slightly and given her a close crop with internal layers. The neat look frames her face better, highlights her cheekbones and the shorter bangs pep her up.MAINTENANCE TIPS:1. Steer clear of blow drying as it will only make her hair appear more frizzy.2. Use a frizz control shampoo and dab a bit of serum on wet hair for a neat look. She needs to leave her hair as is and not comb it too much.Rajni Khanna42, TeacherThough Rajni is open to experimenting with her looks, balancing home and work leaves her with very little time for herself. As a result, she has been sporting the tried-and-tested, easy-to-maintain one-length hair look for some time now. However, a receding hairline, limp and thinning hair and monochromatic black weren’t working for her. Manas Nigam, style director at the Toni & Guy salon in New Delhi suggested she opt for a frontal fringe alongside a layered cut and highlights in combinations of brown and blonde to make her look younger.Step 1: ColouringAlthough Rajni was open to global colouring, colourists Kunal Chhetri and Shahid Shah suggested trendy highlights in shades of brown and blonde instead. Not only would it complement her complexion, it would also suit the volume-boosting haircut they had in mind for heStep 2: CuttingSince Rajni had limp, straight hair, Manas started with a trim. He then snipped her hair in layers to achieve the much-needed volume. Next, he added a stylish fringe in front to tackle her receding hairline along with a side parting to give her oval face a narrower look.Toni & Guy SalonAlthough her jet-black hair seems enviable at the outset, it makes her face look older. I have shortened the length a bit and added layers to perfectly complement her newly-highlighted hair and add softness around her chin and neck area. A forehead fringe hides forehead furrows.MAINTENANCE TIPS:1. Always remember to cut your hair in layers for a voluminous look.2. A volume-boosting shampoo followed by a leave-in conditioner and serum will work wonders.last_img

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