Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Donates 10 Million to Moroccan Foundation

Casablanca – Abu Dhabi crown prince, Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed Al-Nahyane, has donated USD $10 million to Morocco’s Mohammed V foundation for Solidarity.Morocco’s Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity is the beneficiary of a USD $10 million donation by Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed Al-Nahyane, according to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).This donation will help with the many initiatives of the foundation pertaining to children, youth, the elderly, the disabled, humanitarian aid, health, education and literacy, vocational training, sustainable development, microcredit and volunteering and more. In a communique from the Foundation, members of the Administrative Committee expressed their appreciation. “Sincere thanks to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed Al-Nahyane for this generous solicitude, imploring the Almighty to reward him amply for his noble and commendable actions.”

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