Netflix rolls out 3D and Super HD videos

first_imgA handful of 3D titles are now available to stream from Netflix, but only for users with Internet service providers that support the video streaming site’s Open Connect CDN service. Netflix launched Open Connect last year as a way of bypassing the usual third-party content delivery infrastructure and instead getting its videos to the end user as seamlessly as possible.For the millions of people who already have access to Netflix‘s Open Connect distribution (and probably didn’t even know it), the news is pretty cool. The video streaming site now offers a huge slew of its content in “Super HD” quality. Users can see even better resolution when playing back movies on game consoles, Roku boxes, or high-end computers, provided they get at least 7 Mbps bandwidth speeds from their Internet provider.In addition, a handful of 3D titles have joined the Netflix catalog. So far this pretty much is just comprised of the typical demo content fare of sporting events (Red Bull action sports, to be precise) as well as nature documentaries that were filmed solely to show off 3D technology. These documentaries were originally aired on the DirecTV network 3net, which ceased its 24/7 operations last year.Of course, just like anything else, there is a whole underground bureaucracy in the world of content delivery so not everyone is on board, but Netflix has managed to sign on numerous regional ISPs. The usual suspects who don’t like to acquiesce to anything out of the standard protocol (e.g., Time Warner Cable) will be a little more difficult to convince, but surprisingly enough Cablevision has joined the service so hopefully it is just a matter of time before the rest of the stubborn ones do as well.PR Newswire, via GigaOMlast_img

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